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Orange Slush Cannabis Strain Review



Today we take a look at Orange Slush cannabis strain coming to us from Black Sheep Botanicals.

The Orange Slush combines a strain called Purple Train Wreck with a Jamaican Land Race. The idea was to combined the Jamaican tropical strain with a Purple Train Wreck to get a really interesting and Indica-dominant effect.

Purple Train Wreck is a Train Wreck female crossed with a Mendocino Purps. The heritage of the Train Wreck is actually Afghani, Mexican, and Thai combined together to create a North Californian staple.

Orange Slush Cannabis Strain Appearance


The Orange Slush cannabis strain looks really nice. If we compare it to the Ginger Glue strain, as they have the same parents, this one is a bit frostier and the trim job is relatively similar. Both of the strains have actually been given excellent trim jobs. There are almost no bases of leaves. It is just purely the bud and the trim job is excellent.

The coloration is a dark green combined with bright orange pistols pumping through. You can also see a lot of trichomes on this one. It is very well pured and it is well on the cured side so it does not look sticky or fresh at all and it is very rigid. It is a packed and dense piece of bud.

The buds are not every individual and they look pretty good and it is very beefy.

The Smell of Orange Slush Strain

The smell of Orange Slush cannabis strain has the same orange undertone to it as you would find the Marmalade strain. It possesses a strong dank orange aroma and it all comes out even before you crack the bud open.

There are definitely some very strong citrus notes in the Orange Slush!

But let’s break it open and see if the smell changes at all.

Now it is definitely different from the Marmalade as the orange puke hits in a slightly different part of your nostrils. It is very interesting to try and describe. It’s got that cheesy, gassy orange scent to it. It is nothing like the Ginger Glue. It is actually stickier in the middle but completely dry.

Simply saying, many levels of orange gas!

How Does it Taste?

To get the best indication of the taste of the Orange Slush strain we are going to hit the bong first.

First of all, the smoking experience is very neat and smooth the weed is very nice indeed. You will get a little bit of orangy warmth on the top of your tongue. There is a nice little bit of flavor actually coming through the bong along with the nice smoking experience. It will definitely not make you cough.

Now we are going to vape the Orange Slush cannabis strain to get an even better indication of the taste.

Right of the bat, you can notice some super strong citrus turps on this one. There is definitely orange, but there are other citrus notes there as well (similarly to Chocolate Orange and the Runtz strain). It is also much less than the Marmalade in terms of the taste. It is definitely its own strain once you start vaping it and it becomes even more apparent that way.

The flavor is like having a nice morning glass of orange juice with a little bit of lime or lemon in there for good measure.


What are the Effects of the Orange Slush Strain?

The effects of the Orange Slush cannabis strain will definitely make you feel nice. The uplift is definitely there. There is the body high also creeping in. You will also start feeling a little bit different in your mind as well and body as the effects start to sink in.

Orange Slush is an Indica-dominant hybrid, but there are definite Sativa effects there as well. It takes you on a ride starting with a Sativa uplift and then relaxing you in a nice body high.

To Sum Up

  • The Orange Slush gives you phenomenal smoking experience.
  • The looks are class A and the bud looks dense and packed with a promising visual appearance.
  • The flavor is excellent but if you really want to feel it we suggest using the vape. But the smoking experience is pretty good and excellent.
  • The Orange Slush is not as strong as some other strains, it probably has some 17% THC at best.

But overall, this is a wicked strain and hopefully, you get to try it one day as it is excellent.

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