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Ginger Glue Cannabis Strain Review



Today we are taking you through another brand new strain called Ginger Glue cannabis strain created by Black Sheep Botanicals.

As far as its background goes, the Ginger Glue is a combination of a Jamaican Land Race strain with the very popular GG#4, formerly known as Gorilla Glue.

The Gorilla Glue is a well-known and popular strain and the idea of mixing it up with a Jamaican strain poses a completely new concept. The idea behind creating the Ginger Glue sounded pretty good and we can now go into it in a bit more detail.

Ginger Glue Cannabis Strain Look


The first thing that you notice when feasting your eyes on the Ginger Glue cannabis strain is that the bud is trimmed to perfection. All of the available leaf bases have been removed and all that is left available is just the bud. The color is very light and it does look a little bit like Gorilla Glue. It doesn’t resemble the Land Race strain at all as they usually come out all scruffy looking.

These are some really nice and tight nugs that we have here.

The color is very light and you can say that it has this nuclear green coloration to it. You can also see good trichrome coverage and the pistols are there but are not very apparent. We don’t have these bright copper-colored pistols. The pistols have this lighter, almost tobacco color. There is a lot of orange and tin brown calyxes. The nugget is also super dry and very dense.

Generally, the Ginger Glue feels good, looks good, great coloration and really nice trichrome coverage.

What About the Smell?

Taking a whiff of the Ginger Glue cannabis strain from the jar you definitely smell the GG. The Gorilla Glue side of it is more than apparent. The aroma is definitely there and it pushes away the Jamaican Land Race one if the smell of it is there at all.

It is a bit difficult to describe but the best way to explain it is that it has this clean cannabis fragrance.

But let’s break it open to see how it smells inside!

Now it actually gives off even more of the Gorilla Glue. It has this super glue pungency coming out from the middle of it. It smells a bit different, that is for sure but it is still more on the GG side.

The smell is not really long-lasting but not offensive as well and definitely not in your face. It just has this nice and generalized GG smell to it.

Ginger Glue Cannabis Strain Taste


Let’s start determining the taste of the Ginger Glue cannabis strain with a dab.

On the inhale, you will get this slight rosin taste. But the exhale is a bit different and has this ginger inspired note. It is very difficult to describe the flavor as it has this slight turpy, gluey pungency. You would expect more ginger here but it doesn’t come through a lot.

We better smoke it and see it!

Through the bong, the Ginger Glue is quite nice. It is really tasty actually.

But where most of the Ginger is coming from is when you try and vape it. There is this herb-like taste in the vapor. It actually tastes a lot different than the Gorilla Glue when consumed this way.

If we compare all three of the delivery methods all of them are enjoyable. The vapor is particularly tasty. It gives off this herbal flavor to it and if you truly want to enjoy the taste we recommend this method of consumption.

How are the Effects of the Ginger Glue Cannabis Strain?

The Ginger Glue cannabis strain effects will hit quickly. You will most certainly get high very quickly. The wave is definitely kicking off and you will feel a body-led relaxation. Light sensitivity comes in as well and you might start to sway around a bit which does come in extreme situations.

The Ginger Glue is an Indica-led hybrid and the GG is bringing in a lot to the table when it comes to getting high. The eyes are getting heavy and feel like they might be closing any time soon and they are definitely getting red.

Overall, the effects of Ginger Glue cannabis strain are very strong! It has this body-led intense type of high.

To Conclude

The Ginger Glue cannabis strain is definitely a nice one. The appearance is excellent and it is definitely an advantage for this strain. The taste is also interesting and it is good that it doesn’t contain too much of the Gorilla Glue there as the Jamaican Land Race some of its own tones.

Vernally, the Ginger Glue strain is a pretty strong one and don’t play around with it. The effects will kick in really fast and will overwhelm you quite strong.

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