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Love cannabis? Want to help everyone find out about cannabis, weed and medical marijuana and their many benefits? Come write for us, producing great content and have it read around the globe.

BudVerde has been growing fast! We are now expanding our passionate cannabis writing team. We are open to those who want to write for us freelance and remotely – writes who can hit assignments deadlines with high quality, engaging, and informative content.

We also accept guest posts on a wide variety of cannabis related topics – news, the science, the business, stocks, health, and emerging information. This is a great way to get more exposure for your profile and your other work – see more below.

If you are too busy to write for us just now, register your interest below and include when you expect to be available.

Send Us Your Guest Post About Cannabis

We are also expanding Guest Posting for those who want their own original articles to be published. You must send us the first publishing of your own original work and meet our quality standards.

Your article must be in in line with our existing tops and categories. We are particularly interested in any articles about weed, weed products, marijuana, CBD oil, cannabinoids, cultivating and harvesting cannabis, Cannabis stocks, and anything relating to the rapidly expanding opportunities.

Note: Any health claims must include the relevant study link on the professional or Governmental research database/website. Any quotes used in your article must be referenced to source and the link included with your notes.

You can also pitch your own topics, just make sure that there is only one backlink in the article and explain your relationship with it (eg you are being paid to promote it). We just like to be transparent.

We will want 1-2 high quality, royalty free CCO licenced images which can used when we publish. Only include a maximum of TWO subject specific relevant links.

As for the number of words, we expect a minimum of 1,000 words and reserve the right to edit your article. We use software tools to check for plagiarism, so please don’t paste works which largely draw upon other published content.

Learn About Bud Verde Writers

Wondering if BudVerde is a fit for you? Read BudVerde. We think you will spot the difference, but we will make it clear:

In a nutshell, we want writers who will help other by sharing their knowledge. We are passionate about making information accessible to those who are new to marijuana, dispelling misinformation, and helping inform everyone around the globe.

Read our About Us page to get better idea about our Mission. Everyone at BudVerde has one thing in common: We all love cannabis.

Apply To Write For BudVerde

Fill the form below, and send us an email with your details and why you think you are a good fit to write for BudVerde. It would be great if you send us links to some posts that you already wrote for other websites. Please note that BudVerde writers are responsible for proofreading their articles prior to submitting them to us.

We are not looking for “perfect”. We are looking for passion, well structured, engaging content which will delight our readers in Florida or Sydney, Bangkok or Berlin.

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