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UGORG #1 Cannabis Strain Review



Before we start our UGORG #1 cannabis strain review we have to explain the name. It actually stands as an abbreviation for Underground Originals #1 and is a really good cheese-inspired strain and we are going to talk about it in more detail right now.

Generally speaking, UGORG #1 is a cheesy cross as it is a mixture between UK Cheese and UGORG Blues. UGORG Blues is actually a Blues crossed with a skunk plant and the UGORG Blues is a skunk #1 phenotype. It also goes by the name Livers Up North and is very similar to Cheese.

Actually, Underground Originals are a seed company that has additionally created a lot of very interesting stuff and many awesome strains. One of the more known ones is No Name by Underground Originals and it is very popular around the world.

UGORG #1 Cannabis Strain review

The appearance of the UGORG #1 bud

UGORG #1 Cannabis Strain Appearance

By looking at the UGORG #1 cannabis strain buds you can notice that it has a really cheesy look about it if you are familiar with that type of strain. Actually, it encompasses the old-school look of cheese perfectly.

You can notice that nuclear green color that all other Cheese types have. Also, there is the airy, old-school look to the buds as they are not terribly dense and compact. You can actually see through it if you hold it up to the light as there are little tiny bits of spaces between them.

The calyxes are sort of an on top of each other but not stacked so tightly. It is almost to the point that it seems that individual calyxes look like they are fox tailored. It looks clean and organic.

The pistols are also there but they are not really noticeable. They in a way blend into the bud and are not shockingly orange, or brown or copper color.

Generally speaking, UGORG #1 looks like something you would see from about ten years ago.

What About the Smell?

As expected, the pungent Cheese aroma of the UGORG #1 cannabis strain hits you on the hose as you open up the jar. It is really danky smelling and actually resembles the smell of a hill if you would fall in it chin first.

Because of the crosses, the most apparent smell here is the Cheese that comes off it.

Actually, UGORG #1 has been used to make the Disco Biscuit strain which includes it being mixed with the Girl Scout Cookies strain.

The pungency is more than apparent and the skunk #1 gets in your face really deep.

But as you break the bud opens, the smell does not get only more intense. There are hints of berries in there mixed with the rich, skunky, pungent aroma. It is really expressive what comes out of the center of the bud once it is open and you immediately get that sense of old-school strains from the past.

Beautiful UGORG #1 strain buds

Beautiful UGORG #1 strain buds

UGORG #1 Cannabis Strain Taste

Now we talk about the taste of UGORG #1 strain! It is best to taste it by hitting the bong and with the exhale you can feel the already familiar UGORG taste. It still has that cheesy sort of taste but now comes with something smooth.

It actually does not feel that expansive and will most likely not cause you to struggle with it when smoking.

But if you use a vaporizer you will notice the taste of barriers more than the pungency. In this case, you feel less of the cloud and more of the expression of flavor. However, although it is a smooth and clean vapor you don’t get the full taste of it. You mainly get bits though the sweet caramelization that comes on the tip of your tongue. It’s not over expressive nor over apparent. It is just the way it should be.

You can tell that this bud has been grown really well once you notice how excellent the taste of it is.

What are the Effects of UGORG #1?

The effects of the UGROG #1 strain will soon start to kick in quite nicely. You might notice some increased light sensitivity but also increased levels of relaxation. You will feel good, nice and relaxed.

But while high, you are still able to maintain your regular flow of your conversation and your own internal thought process. It is definitely on the Indica side but it can be used as a great daytime smoke. You might feel it more in your body and less in your mind.

It is more than apparent that this one does not have the effects like a Sativa strain does. UGORG #1 is a really good Indica-type of a high which does have an effect on you but not as big as one would expect it.

It kinda has that familiar type of a high that is not going to knock you out for the whole day. It is very old-school and if you are somebody you love that you will enjoy the UGORG #1 strain.

UGORG #1 cannabis leaf

UGORG #1 plants

To Conclude

UGORG #1 cannabis strain takes cheese and makes it cheesier and they have done a great job by combining the UK Cheese and UGORG Blues together.

It depends also how you want to take it but we strongly suggest smoking it as it does provide more flavor that way.

All in all, the UGORG #1 is a trip down memory lane as it will remind you of the times past and is a great way to chill and simply be happy.

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