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Zookies Strain Review



The Zookies strain comes all the way from the US. This cannabis strain is a cross between Animal Cookies and Gorilla Glue #4. It is a balanced hybrid, originally bread by Alien Labs, but is now bread by Canaman 707, the Golden State cultivators from the US. It is actually gaining a lot of popularity in California and is becoming a popular choice among users.

Both the Animal Cookies and the Gorilla Glue #4 are pretty good strains, so the Zookies strain by itself should be interesting to try out. We were pretty excited when we found out which two strains it brings together and immediately wanted to try it out.

The Zookies strain is a balanced hybrid, delivering 50% Indica and 50% Sativa right down the middle. It also goes well above the 20% in the THC range, often coming at the 25% mark. All of those reasons were enough for us to put this strain under our spotlight and we were really excited to cover it in detail.

Zookies Strain Appearance

The Zookies strain is actually a really nice-looking and well-presented bit of bud. It has a very light green color. This is because it mainly looks like it has been double dipped in trichrome. The bud is extremely frosty and the trichrome coverage is more than apparent.

It has a very interesting shape to it. The calyx is adjusting themselves in their own direction and that way causing this not really uniform shape. But it is lovely looking. The pistols have a very nice golden color. They are muted in and around the trichrome, making them less apparent than they should be.

Holding it in your hand, it looks very light green with spots of gold. It is very dense. There is a tiny little gib to it but not so much. Simply said, it looks absolutely delicious.


What is the Smell of the Zookies Cannabis Strain?

Right off the bat, we are not getting any apparent smell from the Zookies strain. But this could be an isolated case as it may have been staying for a while. At the moment, it has a very indescribable general cannabis aroma.

So we decided to break it open to get a better idea about the smell. This way you can smell the dankness of the Gorilla Glue. It is very apparent actually and it has got a really nice cookies undertone to it as well. The Zookies strain smells like blending those two strains together. There is the familiar Cookies gassy aroma that creeps in ever so slightly.

We also decided to grind some up and noticed that it smells even more like the Gorilla Glue #4. It does get the Cookies scent in there as well, but the Gorilla Glue smell is coming through more than 50%.

What Does Zookies Cannabis Strain Taste Like?

We decided to consume the Zookies strain in two ways – The bong and through the Genius Pipe. So with the bong, you get a lovely taste on the roof of your mouth, particularly on the exhale. The taste is somewhere in the middle, as you get the Gorilla Glue bong taste, but there is also the Animal Cookies taste there as well. It is actually a really nice hit, not intense at all, and doesn’t make you cough. It just comes with a really nice flavor.

If we were to criticize it, and this is pushing it, it is ever so slightly watery. But not a big deal at all. The flavor moves a bit towards the base of your mouth and is really interesting. Getting this kind of taste through the bong is a sign of well-cureness and the bud being grown pretty well.

But with the Genius pipe, there are several more subtle and complex notes to this flavor, which is a bit difficult to describe. You get a slight, almost peppery taste through the pipe. The dankness is coming through in a delicious way. It is very interesting to notice how the smell and taste actually are, but they are very apparent that we have some Gorilla Glue on our hands.

Top marks for the taste.

The Effects of the Zookies Strain


As the effects of the Zookies strain start to kick in, they are definitely on the hybrid side. You feel it at both ends of the spectrum. The cerebral uplift is there in your head and there is the nice enjoyable body feeling that only comes with a hybrid high.

The relaxation kicks in quite fast. It has got us feeling a mixture of some uplifting chattiness and body relaxation. It seems like a good choice for a daytime smoke, but not too much, or at least not in quick succession.

It does have 25% of THC and it is a strong one and you do feel it.


The combination that Alien Labs went for to create the Zookies strain is absolutely amazing. We really enjoyed smoking this strain, actually, we’ve enjoyed every bit of it. Starting with the appearance – Great presentation and an exceptional trim job. It is a quality level that you do expect from these types of US strains.

The smell got better when we broke it open and you can feel both the parent strains really strong. The taste was really well and we got a nice flavor profile out of it. It shows that it has been grown and cured well. So these are some great genetics on our hands.

You are definitely going to feel the effects. There is a little bit of dry mouth. It is a good hybrid high for the day, but not so much as it is really powerful. You might enjoy playing games or watching TV. But something to relax with.

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