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S5 Haze Strain Review



The S5 Haze cannabis strain is a very interesting one. It is rather difficult to get information about its background as it is a clone only. You will not find it for sale in a lot of places and it is particularly rare in the US. There are not a lot of people growing it and this is due to the fact that it is a clone-only strain.

As things stand, the best place that you can find S5 Haze in Amsterdam. Nevertheless, we have a piece of it to review and we are going to talk about it today.

How Does the S5 Haze Cannabis Strain Look Like?

The bud of the S5 Haze cannabis strain does not look particularly compressed but it is really dry and dense. It is actually more than consistent with other buds seen in Holland.

Appearance-wise, the S5 Haze looks like a Haze strain on steroids, which is the best and perhaps the only way to describe it. There are some orange hairs that stick out quite a lot, which is really interesting and looks quite vibrant on this nug. It has been given a great trim job and is absolutely blanketed in crystals. It has a very different appearance compared to some other standard-looking buds.

The formation of this bud is absolutely crazy. It looks like it was overdeveloped in every way shape and form. It looks like it has been pumping iron all day in a gym. It has this nuclear green coloration and you can see a tiny bit of purple in it but it is not anything that you would be able to distinguish.


What Does the S5 Haze Smell Like?

Opening the S5 Haze cannabis strain you get a really clean and sweet haze smell. It is similar in terms of fragrance to some of the other strains found in Amsterdam.
Once we break the bud open we are able to distinguish an even fresher sweet smell. It is a really nice smell. Some people actually treat the Haze smell as the candy of the cannabis world, so they usually have a very sweet distinctive smell.

There are several other smells coming through. There is a danky undertone coming off it as well. But it is not all sweet, there is a musky undertone but not in a damp way. There are definitely some smells that are more apparent and are breaking through as you open the bud.

What Does the s5 Haze Cannabis Strain Taste Like?

The S5 Haze cannabis strain is quite easy to breathe in and does not make you cough. But in terms of the taste, not much of it came through on the first hit of the bong. It is quite fresh and you really don’t get very much of the taste by consuming it through the bong.

But if you try and vape the S5 Haze you will get a really strange taste. It has a sweet aftertaste. Even by using it through this method, you don’t get much in terms of taste. It is still sweet but you mainly feel it in the aftertaste.
But if you are looking for a good way to try the S5 Haze the best way is through the bong or a vape and not via a joint. Plus, the strain vapes really well as some buds don’t vape as well.

What are the Effects of the S5 Haze Cannabis Strain?

After a few minutes of hitting the S5 Haze cannabis strain, you will start to feel the uplifting effects it has. There is the familiar cerebral high that the Haze strains usually come with. The Haze strains are really good in terms of the effects and are some of the best Sativa variety strains.

It is one of those strains that certainly get you ready for the day. It is also a good option when it comes to choosing it as a morning strain. It definitely has medical benefits as it will definitely give you a bit of a lift if you are depressed or feeling down. It may even give you creativity or an energy boost. You are definitely not going to go to sleep after using this one.

With a Mild to Moderate THC Content S5 Haze is Good for Newbies


The average THC level of S5 Haze is approximately 18% which makes this strain a good choice for beginner smokers. If you’re a newbie smoker, you probably don’t want to get completely overcome by a super-powerful strain of cannabis that triggers paranoia or complete ‘couch-lock’.

If you happen to be a veteran smoker, you may not always want to smoke a strain that gets you super high. For those times you want to feel uplifted, relaxed, and happy, S5 Haze is a good strain to smoke.

This is a great strain to smoke before heading out in public when you don’t necessarily want everyone to know you’ve just smoked weed. And since this strain won’t make you paranoid, you’ll never have the dreaded ‘buzzkill’ feeling of thinking everyone knows you’re high.

When you smoke this strain with a THC level of around 18%, you’ll feel happy, uplifted, and relaxed. This strain will also make you put on your ‘thinking cap’ because it prompts you to do some deep thinking or at the very least, introspective thinking. When you’re buzzed on S5 Haze, it’s easy for your thoughts to drift away. This could cause concentration problems in some people.

To play it safe, avoid smoking this strain right before you have to tackle a task that requires 100% of your attention. Otherwise, you may never finish that task you wanted to get done.

Grow the S5 Haze Cannabis Strain Hydroponically

If you’ve got a hydroponic weed-growing setup at home, you’ll be thrilled to learn that S5 Haze grows best in a hydroponic system. But don’t be too bummed if you don’t have such a system at home because this strain can be grown in a greenhouse or outdoors if you live in a warm and sunny climate.

When grown hydroponically, feminized S5 Haze seeds take up to 11 weeks to flower. If you do everything right when growing S5 Haze in a hydroponic system, you’ll be happy with the high yields you’ll get that can be up to 19 ounces per square meter.

This strain has a growth level of medium and high resistance to disease when grown in an optimal indoor hydroponic system that’s carefully monitored.

What Medical Benefits Can I Get from the S5 Cannabis Strain?

The S5 Haze strain of cannabis is useful in treating several medical and psychological conditions. First and foremost, this strain which produces a relaxing high is useful in treating anxiety and stress. This strain has the ability to produce a sense of calmness, helping people with stress and anxiety feel much more relaxed.

S5 Haze is often used to treat insomnia. If you have difficulty falling asleep at night, smoke some S5 Haze in a joint or a pipe to help you relax and fall asleep. This strain is also known for triggering hunger or what’s known among stoners as ‘the munchies”. Therefore, it’s an excellent strain to use to trigger the appetite.

To Sum Up

The S5 Haze cannabis strain is a really enjoyable one. It may not be your favorite Haze strain but it is still a fantastic Haze variety. It is also good to try something that is a clone only. But definitely try it through the bong or vape if you want to feel the taste.

It is strong, but not quite up there as the other Amsterdam strains. It is strong for a Sativa though, but this one gives more creativity and a cerebral type of buzz. You are not going to sit through this one and are going to have an enjoyable and productive day.

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