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Sunset Sherbet Weed Review



Today we are treating you and ourselves with a Sunset Sherbet, an interesting strain that we decided to review. We were really excited when we heard about this one as it is an absolute powerhouse of a strain. It crosses Girl Scout Cookies with Pink Panties, to make for an Indica-dominant hybrid.

It catches the complexity of the Girl Scout parents and brings the magic of both parents with the terp profile. Interestingly, it has also been bred back with the Girl Scout Cookies to create Gelato. So if you are a fan of Gelato or any of those Cali strains that came from Gelato lineage, take one step removed and you get the Sunset Sherbet.

This is a Roadrunner product and it has been organically grown the no-till growing method. It results in one of the nicest tastes of cannabis that we have had the chance of sampling.


What is the Appearance of the Sunset Sherbet Strain?

Looking at the bud of the Sunset Sherbet in detail, we love the complexity of it. It looks a lot like the Girl Scout Cookies as it has this dark and deep mottled green with the darker leaf basis and the lighter coloration of the bud underneath.

There are some popping orange-yellow pistols and they just look absolutely fantastic. The bud structure is amazing. Especially when you consider that this has been grown organically in soil, meaning that there were no neutrinos used, so the soil has been fed rather than the plants. It is nice and dense and comes with a solid bud structure.

The complex look of this bud is rather lovely. The calyxes are stacked, but not overly and densely into one nug. You can separate it quite easily. We actually rate is really high in terms of look. There are some traces of leaves left on there, which just adds to the overall coloration and complexity.

If you have gotten this one in a dispensary in California, it would have been probably trimmed down more, but this one is sort of a natural form of what the flower looks like before it goes through that trim. But this is good, the smoke will be nice and it won’t taste so strange from the leaf basis as they are covered in trichrome as well.

What Does the Sunset Sherbet Smell Like?

The Sunset Sherbet strain smells deliciously sweet and pungent. It will remind you of that Girl Scout Cookies flavor. There is earthiness there is pepperiness and there is also some sweetness going underneath all of that, which is a really nice sort of smell that creeps in at the inhalation.

There are some hints of citrus but it is not a kind of a sour smell, it just has some hints of it. It really does feel like hops actually. It is nice and complex and leads with pungency.

But when we break open the Sunset Sherbet strain the pungent notes shoot up to the level of Glue. But not Gorilla Glue, actual Super Glue. Its parents include OG Kush and Durban Poison, so it has that kind of a gassy power to it. It is super reached in smell and the Sunset Sherbet is a super smelly strain.

The Taste of Sunset Sherbet

We cleaned the bong ready to get a taste of the Sunset Sherbet taste. So we ground some up and tasted it. It is actually deliciously smooth and has no bite. There is absolutely no need to cough with this one. The leading part of the flavor that comes through is the sweetness, but the pungency is now gone.

It has a sweaty sort of flavor which is really nice but it is not as strong as the smell that was coming through. There is this nice sort of a Cookies taste to it, which you notice on the exhale. It is very clean, with no bite no acridity. There is also a sweet berry taste, but not really that pungent in flavor through the bong smoke.

We also took our vaporizer to try out the Sunset Sherbet and we felt a really strong taste coming through it. It is a bit complex, and this way is more pungent and has more skunkiness. There is a lot more gas. Some users have reported that it tastes a bit like Sherbet and we did get a lot of sweet notes, but not that fizziness that you would expect from Sherbet. There are hints of berries and it feels skunky, earthy, and pungent.


What Are the Effects of the Sunset Sherbet?

We can tell you immediately that the Sunset Sherbet strains have a strong Indica high, making you feel really relaxed in the body. The eyes should feel that they are closing up a bit and things might get a lot brighter in the room where you have taken it.

Besides the relaxing tone, it feels like it can lead to one being creative. It is a heavy smoke and you will feel it in your head, but not in your mind. You can tell that it is on the Indica side a bit by your voice as it will tend to slow down a bit.

Definitely some solid Indica effects overall.

Time to Wrap Up

The Sunset Sherbet strain is grown organically, not till and in living soil. It is a lovely smoke and everything from the appearance, the taste, and the effects is great. The look of it is quite complex with nice trichrome coverage. The smell is absolutely lovely and the best part was those undertone berry notes that you feel that come in addition to pungency.

As far as flavor goes, you can’t really work out if it’s better through the bong or the vaporizer, you better try it by yourself and determine which one you like more. It will give you a clean smoke, thanks to that organic breading, and the Sunset Sherbet is a strong strain suited for an afternoon, evening, or a weekend smoke. It is going to pump up your creative juices. You will feel good and relaxed in your body, but the mind as well.

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