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Mataro Blue Strain Review



Mataro Blue strain is a cannabis strain bred by Kannabia Seeds. It combines Black Domina crossed with Mazar-I-Sharif crossed with Blue Monster. The example that I found is a wonderfully bred piece. It was done indoor and is organic. It was grown on an 8400 vat LED and it had a flowering time of 62 days and a veg time of two weeks.

But let’s go through all the details and take a closer look at the Mataro Blue strain.


What Does Mataro Blue Strain Look Like?

The Mataro Blue strain is very light in color, very light green. The pistols are sort of orange but not too over apparent. It is very dry and compact and dense actually. It looks rather nice but is a little bit scrappy around the edges but with those little bits of leaf, it does not matter at all too much.

So basically the Mataro Blue looks dense and trichrome and looks like it is going to pack a punch.

The Smell of the Mataro Blue Strain?

Immediately, I am getting piney, dank notes out of the Mataro Blue strain. It is the most apparent aroma that comes out when smelling the bud and it is out in full force. It feels very rich and has this sort of an earthy, organic scent that you get from organic strains. There is definitely some earthy sweetness found in the aroma of this bud.

So it was best to break it open and see how it smells. I then got even more of piney dankness and apparently some sweet berry smell. When I ground it up, it retained the same sort of smell. It is nice, clean, and organic.

What Does the Mataro Blue Strain Taste Like?

When smoking up the Mataro Blue strain, I was getting the sweet taste first. It also has the mixed piney aroma that I already came across in the smell, but it tastes a bit different. The smoking experience was good and doing it through the bong didn’t make things so hot. Actually, I think that it enabled me to jump right back in and do another bong.

The Mataro Blue is maybe the nicest tasting weed that I had in some time. It manages to mix in that piney and berry taste quite well. It gets the best marks from me and has an excellent taste that I quite like.

The Effects of the Mataro Blue Strain


The Mataro Blue strain lets you feel the Indica effects straight away. The body-led relaxation is coming in quite strong. It comes out only a few minutes after the bong and is coming in a very nice way. It doesn’t feel overly strong, I still got the taste in my mouth from doing the bong as it is a very tasty strain.

The effects are both Indica-led and body-led and I don’t feel too inebriated but I feel very chilled out in my body. It is a good strain effects-wise. On the Indica side, I can certainly see the medical benefits and you can see those displayed on the Kannabia information page.

It was described by the creators as an Indica strain that is supposed to chill you and stress you out. It is doing a great job for me in that sense and I am quite happy with how it’s doing it.

To Conclude

It has actually been a pleasure smoking the Mataro Blue strain. I really like the berry and piney taste I was getting from this. As far as the appearance goes, it looked very good, it may be a little bit scruffy compared to some other ones that I am used to seeing. Overall, good trichome coverage and good coloration.

The smell was awesome. I immediately felt the pineyness and the beerines and all that sweetness when I broke it open. The taste through the bong was great and it came out beautifully. It reminds me a little bit of the Alien Cookies Predator strain as it has a similar flavor profile.

It is not overly strong. It is not going to blow your head off as it is a body led high. I feel good in my body and my mind is not too inebriated. If you are looking for Indica strains, this one feels good. I am very impressed with the flavor.

Folks, this is a really really good one and I recommend you try it.

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