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Girl Scout Cookies Strain Review



The Girl Scout Cookies strain perhaps does not need a long introduction as its reputation precedes it. It was originally grown in the USA and this is the original phenotype. From there on it become really famous almost everywhere in the world. It has made its way to all kinds of places and people often know what you are talking about upon hearing the name Girl Scout Cookies.

It is a cross between the OG Kush and Durban Poison and should not be confused with Platinum Cookies. Platinum is actually a phenotype of Girl Scouts’.

It’s time to sample it and review this cannabis strain in more detail starting with…

Girls Scout Cookies Strain Appearance

Girls Scout Cookies Cannabis Strain Appearance

The Girl Scout Cookies cannabis strain is a hybrid and on first look, you can notice how frosty it is. It is dripping in white and is a lot lighter in terms of coloration that you are probably used to seeing in other stains.

There are a lot of trichomes and are out in full force!

You can also see some tiny bits of the leaf but otherwise, it comes with a great trim job. The bud may be small because it is really dense and compact. It is certainly pretty solid and doesn’t really have to give at all. Perhaps only a tiny bit of giving overall. You can also notice some small patches of dark green where the leaves were.

The pistols can also be seen and they give the overall look a golden orange tint.

The formation is pretty nice and the bud looks like it has been grown well. It is beefy but it is because it is really dense actually. Other buds can also have a little bit of purple on them which is quite normal as it is a general characteristic of Girl Scout Cookies strain.

The Smell of the Girl Scout Cookies

Girl Scout Cookies plants growing

Immediately by putting the Girl Scout Cookies cannabis strain close to your nose you will notice a sweet pungency. It is a little bit earthy and does not have the gas that its parent, OG Kush, has. It does come with a kind of an undertone smell that is specific to this cannabis strain.

Once you break the bud open you will notice more of the danky pungency while the sweetness is fading a bit. Simply saying, it is very earth pungent and smells lovely and there is no sweetness at all now.

It does remind you a bit of Platinum Cookies, but it is normal since it is a phenotype of the Girl Scout Cookies strain.

Finally, if you grind it up, you will get more of the familiar smell which has a bit of dusty pungency.

The smell was enough to prepare us for the taste. So let’s see what that is.

How Does The Strain Taste Like?

The Girl Scout Cookies cannabis strain does taste pretty special. It is not often that you get a really smooth and flavorful hit right off the back but this cannabis strain will do that for you.

It delivers a great amount of flavor and certainly makes you feel special.

The taste hits just towards the end of the inhale. You can notice the Cookie flavor, the pungency, and the smoothness. It actually does not make you cough how smooth it can be. It was not as intense as you would think it would be based on the trichomes. Trichrome-rich buds can actually get you on the inhale as the smoke can be quite expansive.

Compared to other strains, you can say that the taste of the Girl Scout Cookies is something on a different level and tastes and smells really clean.

The Cookie taste is there as well as the pungency and it has that US sort of taste that you would notice from more strains grown in the states.

Next, come the effects!

Girl Scout Cookies Effects

Girl Scout Cookies effects

The effects of the Girl Scout Cookies cannabis strain might take a little bit to kick in but when they do they feel overwhelming. You can notice a combination of elation and happiness. It is a hybrid strain so it will give you both ends of the spectrum.

Happy, relaxation, creativity, energetic, uplifting are the general feeling that you will be experiencing from the Girl Scout Cookies.

The elation kicks in first and there is no doubt that the flavor was the reason for that. After a few minutes, you will start to feel relaxed and then a buzz of energy and creativity afterward. Actually, you get to feel more of the Sativa-side of the effects of this hybrid.

Medically speaking, it could be used for stress, depression, insomnia, lack of appetite, and pain management.

The Girl Scout Cookies cannabis will give you this stoned feeling washing over you. You will also notice that the influence of the Durban Poison is really strong on this strain as it is less like the OG Kush than you would expect it to be.

It is much similar to the Platinum Cookies but a lot better.

The Indica-side of the hybrid might start to take effect soon as well.

In Conclusion

Girl Scout Cookies cannabis strain review

You could tell from the appearance alone that the Girl Scout Cookies Cannabis strain was going to be a good one. It is a really trichrome heavy rich THC bud. The smell and the taste were really good to boot. It is a pleasure to consume and comes with no harshness.

Generally, it was a lovely experience and the effects are pretty strong. There is no intensity and you don’t feel rushy but it will get you really high.


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