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Silver Bubble Cannabis Strain Review



Here’s a review of an Amsterdam classic, called Silver Bubble strain. It is actually a mix of Haze Northern Lights and Skunk #1. It actually helped Grey Area win the Cannabis Cup in 2019 with the help of it.

As always in order to determine how good actually the Silver Bubble strain is we are going to go through the appearance, the smell, the taste, and of course the effects.

How does Silver Bubble Strain Look Like?

The Silver Bubble actually looks a lot different than we thought it would. It looks like a Sativa bud. It actually resembles Amnesia the most and it is the closes thing in terms of appearance as both look rather similar.

The Silver Bubble looks a bit wrapped around itself and it is a hybrid strain so it has both Indica and Sativa elements in it. It is definitely a different looking bud and it is not as pretty as some of the other buds out there. But it is really frosty looking. The orange hairs are really vibrant and they really show amongst the light green color that this bud has.

It looks a little bit crispy. It still looks okay although it isn’t the prettiest looking bud as there are many other ones that look much better.

The trim job is also not as good as you would expect it. The leaves are trimmed off but there are some that are left still. They could have definitely given it a better trim job in our opinion.


What does the Silver Bubble Smell Like?

Taking a whip of the Silver Bubble strain you can determine some sweet smells coming off it. Its parents come from both Indica and Sativa so you have the smell of the Haze coupled with the Skunk #1 smell. However, there is not a lot of smell coming off it on its own.

But breaking it open is a whole different story.

Opening the Silver Bubble definitely works and we get a really sweet aroma which is slightly citrusy which probably comes from the Haze side. There is a bit of a skunky smell as well. Surprisingly, there is a slight orange smell but this might come from the general sweetness of the Haze that this strain is characterized with.

One more thing, there are a lot of trichomes on the bud and your fingers will get sticky. That is definitely a good sign meaning that it is not too dry.

How Does The Strain Taste?

The most overwhelming thing that you will be getting when hitting the Silver Bubble cannabis strain is the lack of intensity. It is a very smooth strain and it goes down really well through the bong. It fills your lungs quite a lot and you may start feeling a bit of a cough coming when you breathe out, but it actually gets easier and easier as you go.

But there is definitely a lack of flavor. Although you can’t really taste it the smoothness of the smoke is more than enough. You can do loads of it and feel great. It is silky smooth and tastes inoffensive.

What are the Effects of the Silver Bubble Cannabis Strain?

The thing that is most apparent when smoking the Silver Bubble cannabis strain is the relaxation. You will be feeling really chilled out. It might boast some positive medical effects as well.
But the relaxation effect is the main thing. You will feel quite happy and more than chilled out. But we would say that this strain is definitely one that you should be consuming during the day.

It might not be the most popular strain coming from Amsterdam, but it is very enjoyable. It gives a very relaxing vibe that will get you feeling comfortable during the day.

A Hybrid Cannabis Strain with a Moderate THC Level

With its background DNA profile that comes from the Haze Northern Lights and Skunk strains, Silver Bubble is a hybrid strain of weed with a mild to moderate THC level that falls between 15% and 20%. While the THC content in this strain won’t send you into orbit, it will spin you off into a spacy and introspective mindset that’s both relaxing and enjoyable.

The well-rounded effects of the 15-20% THC level in this strain are why Silver Bubble is a mainstay in Amsterdam coffee shops. Mild to moderate THC levels like this strain provides results in an enjoyable and happy mellowing stone. When you first smoke this strain, your high will build to a happy state of mind. After a little while, you start feeling weighted and contemplative, making you not want to do a whole lot but day-dream.


Medicinal Uses of Silver Bubble Strain

Since Silver Bubble has a moderate THC level and tends to make you feel relaxed, it’s often used to treat insomnia, anxiety, and depression. It’s also a strain with a sedating effect that can help with problems like chronic pain, headache, and muscle spasms.

If you plan on smoking Silver Bubble for medicinal reasons, it’s best to use it after work when it’s time to wind down or right before bedtime.

Grow Silver Bubble Strain Indoors

Silver Bubble is a delicate plant that doesn’t do well when grown outdoors. It’s highly susceptible to temperature fluctuations, high moisture, and insect infestations. For these reasons, it’s best to grow Silver Bubble indoors with a good indoor growing system that includes a high quality grow light and a fan for ventilation.

The growing success rate of SIlver Bubble depends heavily on the experience and skill level of the grower. Generally speaking, this strain isn’t recommended for newbie growers; it’s best grown by those with some experience and skill level due to the highly susceptible nature of this plant strain.

If you plan on growing this strain indoors, be sure you buy Silver Bubble feminized seeds that will sprout and grow into plants that produce buds containing THC. Otherwise, you’ll be taking a gamble and may end up wasting your time and money nurturing a plant that is unable to produce buds.

The flowering time for Silver Bubble strain is between 8 and 10 weeks. Silver Bubble’s indoor yield is 8 to 12 ounces per square meter. If you succeed in growing Silver Bubble, you should be very pleased with the nice amount of buds this plant yields and of its quality.

To Finalize

Overall, the Silver Bubble cannabis strain is an enjoyable strain. It is a good hybrid and the cerebral buzz that the Sativa gives is really good combined with the Indica relaxation which you can notice in both of those.

The effects will get a bit stronger as time passes by and you will get to feel even nicer.

Definitely, a cannabis strain to pick up and try at some point.

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