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Ways To Trim Marijuana Plants For Perfect Nugs



Hello there! Today I am here to discuss a very interesting topic with you all. Cannabis it is! We all know what cannabis is. However, do you know how to trim the marijuana plants in the growing process seamlessly? Learning new things is always exciting, and this process never ends. We are about to bid goodbye to the winters now, which means the growing season of cannabis is arriving. Learn how to trim marijuana and get high after consuming your grown cannabis strain. 

When trimming your cannabis nicely, you will receive a much higher yield than your expectations. Trimming is a skill, and you need to practice hard to master the art.

If you think that you can pick up scissors and cut the leaves randomly, my dear friends, this post is for you.

Many pro-cannabis growers avoid trimming their cannabis. However, trimming the marijuana plants during the growth cycle is an excellent idea. Why? It ensures that you will grow the healthiest cannabis with high levels of THC content.

You must be wondering why trimming the cannabis buds is helpful? I got your back!

Ways To Trim Marijuana Plants

Why is Trimming Cannabis Buds Helpful?

Do you know the benefits of removing dead tissues from a wound? The same goes for a cannabis plant. The trimming process involves eliminating some of the parts of the plant. By removing some specific parts at the right time and in the right quantities, you will parent a stronger plant. Trimming is mainly done to remove the dead leaves.

Do you want your plants to waste their precious resources on dying and dead leaves? No. 

When removing the dead leaves early, you are indirectly saving the plant’s weeks of effort. Removing the dead leaves will allow you to nurture the fine ones, and you might get surprised when the plants start growing new leaves instead.

When you are parenting a plant, you need to do the essentials to be a great plant parent. After all, they will be providing you with some unique cannabis products. Now that you know the importance of trimming cannabis plants, it’s time to learn about the proper timing of trimming. 

When is the Right Time to Trim your Cannabis Buds?

You should not feel lethargic while carrying out any of the steps of growing cannabis. Don’t wait for too long to trim the buds, and some of the folks start the pruning process within a few weeks.

Even if you trim the buds too early, it can interfere with the growth of the plants, and early trimming might slow down the entire process. 

  • Hence, you must wait till the final week before the harvest takes place. This is the right time to remove the dying foliage and get rid of the largest fan leaves. If you spot some dead leaves, cut them out.
  • It is not enough to trim the plants only before the harvesting process, so trimming doesn’t end here. 
  • Several aesthetic reasons behind shaping your marijuana leaves before curing and drying. Manicured cannabis looks great, just like the available stuff at dispensaries or online stores.

This question is for you if you are a marijuana consumer. Have you ever suffered a harsh smoke that made you cough real bad? 

This is not at all an uncommon case. If this has happened with you, the cannabis came out from such plants having large leaves sticking out from the buds. In the process of curing, the trimmed buds contain more moisture and allow you to enjoy a smooth smoke.

This is the reason you should trim the large leaves and enjoy an amazing and “high” experience. Now, let us learn about several trimming procedures. 

What are the Trimming Techniques?

wet and dry cannabis trimming

Let’s keep it easy and simple. We will mainly learn about four types of trimming techniques:

  • Machine Trimming Cannabis: cutting and trimming marijuana buds with a machine is convenient and suitable for commercial growers. When a marijuana grower uses the machines to trim their cannabis, it gives the flower an identical look from strain to strain. The result is an aesthetically pleasing bud!

However, trimming with the help of a machine is not the best option, as they can damage the potency or flavor. 

The machines tend to eliminate too many buds. The crystalline structures and trichomes can get eliminated, thus hampering the aroma or the scent of the cannabis.

It is hard for the machines to identify the buds crystallized in resin, and the worst part is that you can’t adjust the machines to deal with different shapes. Hence, it’s time to pick the trimmers up.

  • Human Trimming: You can always choose to trim the buds independently, and it is beneficial for commercial growers to hire trained employees who can trim the buds effortlessly.

It is impossible to trim cannabis like an expert in the initial stage. Developing expertise is time-consuming and demands a proper level of training, focus, and experience to handle the process. 

Learning to trim a bud is not enough; one needs to learn how to hold them first. However, “practice makes a man perfect,” and you can nail the skill with proper attention.

Different strains have different levels of THC content. They dwell in different parts of the plants; hence you need to understand while trimming the unwanted parts.

Since growing cannabis is legal in America, plenty of experts can trim the leaves with ease. 

  • Wet Trimming: Most growers prefer wet trimming, and it is always easier to remove the wet leaves with your hands or a pair of scissors.

You will need to deal with the stems and rotate the buds to search for the optimal cutting angles, and voila, there’s a premium product in your hand. 

However, when it comes to wet trimming, there are a few circumstances that you should consider:

  • You are concerned regarding the mold
  • You have a few buds that are drying in a tight space
  • Your grow room has a high humidity of 60% or more than that
  • You want to dry the buds as soon as possible

Wet trimming is easy but is a time-consuming process. Experts can do them within a few moments, but it is not easy for others. 

Now, let us take a look at the benefits of wet trimming:

  • The entire process is quite simple since removing the fan leaves is easier
  • You can get a great looking cannabis plant

Cannabis buds generally dry faster due to trimming and reduces the risk of mold

  • You can retain a higher level of trichome content.

This was all about wet trimming, and now let us find out about dry trimming.

  • Dry Trimming: Most of the large-scale cannabis growers mainly choose dry trimming. In this process, the cannabis plants are kept in a hanging position for a few days until the weed dries totally. However, this process is long and can lead to moldy buds.

The commercial growers choose dry trimming when they feel the urgent need to transport the plants immediately for storage.

However, you can consider dry trimming under the following circumstances:

  • The mold is not the primary concern
  • The relative humidity of the grow room is 45% or less than that
  • You want denser buds
  • You want your buds to dry slowly so that you can avoid the strong aroma
  • You do not care much about the aesthetics of the buds

Now that we know the circumstances of choosing dry trimming, it’s time to learn the benefits.

  • Dry trimming helps to prevent the rapid loss of precious terpenes
  • You are allowed to keep the sugar leaves and make the cannabis edible
  • Dry trimming is a neater process compared to wet trimming since there is no stickiness involved.

We are almost done, and you have come quite far in the learning process. Let us look at the tool kit that is much needed before trimming.

The several tools include:

  • Shears or scissors
  • A comfortable place where you can sit and trim your cannabis
  • A clean surface and a tray
  • Some cleaning supplies
  • Comfortable clothing
  • A music system so that you don’t get bored. How about that?

The Bottom Line

Hard work is always followed by success, be it your school grades or growing cannabis. The right amount of patience and effort can do wonders indeed.

Trimming is challenging, but in the end, it is worth it. How satisfactory is it to get high on your homegrown cannabis? A lot, I bet. 

If you are willing to purchase cannabis clones or seeds, Homegrown Cannabis Co is the right place for you. 

I hope this blog was helpful and informative for you. I wish you happy cannabis growing to enjoy the perfect high. Life is short, and there should be no room for sadness. Grow your cannabis and enjoy the effect. Signing off!

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