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Requirements for Growing Cannabis in Your Basement




Growing Cannabis in your basement is certainly one of the most efficient ideas especially when you think of how much control you can have over your plant as it is largely shielded from natural environmental harm. In fact, you have a better chance of yielding plants with higher THC levels when you grow indoors. This is why many cannabis growers prefer to grow cannabis from the comfort of their homes.

However, there is a big difference between growing cannabis indoors and growing cannabis specifically in your basement.

The state of a basement can be highly advantageous in terms of temperature and light, but this process can be very tricky as temperature, light, heat, and air control must be in sync with plant needs.

While this will generally give you room for maximum control, any slight mismanagement can damage your cannabis plant. Unlike growing cannabis outdoor and in any other part of your home, growing the plant in your basement will require a lot of care and attention, using the right resources and equipment is certain to help you get the most out of your plant.

Choosing to grow cannabis in your basement would mean that your plants are not getting the favors of your environment. This means you will need to get the most basic components that your plants would naturally benefit from if they were grown outdoors or in any other part of your home. If this is giving you second thoughts, hold it in, because selecting these primary components by yourself is a decision that will be very rewarding for your plants.

Let’s take you through some requirements you will need to begin planting cannabis in your basement.

An Efficient Grow Medium for Plants

Grow Medium for cannabis

It goes without saying that growing cannabis indoors will require you to decide your own growth method. Finding the right growth medium is a top requirement for growing cannabis in basements. Although this may seem tedious for first-timers, it is a lot more beneficial than you think.

Because basements are usually cold, you will need to select a growth medium that perfectly balances the temperature of your basement. Using soil as your growing medium is generally less stressful, however, this would require that you pay attention to the temperature of your basement floor which will usually get very cold or damp. Placing the soil in a pot will help to protect your plant’s roots from the damage that can be caused by cold or dampness. Using the coco coir growth method will also require just as much effort and attention.

A Grow Tent for Plants

cannabis growing tent

Growing cannabis without a growth tent is not only risky to your strains but will almost certainly damage them long before they complete the vegetative process. In fact, growing cannabis indoors without the use of a tent will endanger your plant as you will have little to no control throughout its growth process. Because you can move tents at will, it will be easy to control the level of natural light that reaches your plant through your basement openings, helping you gauge how much energy your plants receive.

An Efficient Grow Light

Grow lights remain a very important requirement for growing cannabis in your basement. Because of the coldness of basements, the heat levels emitted from the grow lights can easily be curbed and reduced. Grow lights also work hand in hand with grow tents to keep plants in healthy conditions. Around the time when the plant would require little to no light, if the grow tent is well-structured, pests will have little to no contact with plants.



No matter how cool your basement is, because grow lights are continuously needed throughout the growth cycle of your plants, tents will need an effective circulation of airflow. Keep in mind that the distance from the grow lights to the plants will also have a great influence on how much air your cannabis plant will need, the more the distance, the lesser the energy your plant will get.

A Digital Timer

One of the downsides of growing cannabis in your basement is the difficulty that comes with regulating the amount of light your plants receive. Some basements may have multiple openings that allow natural light to reach plants more than others. Depending on the structure of your basement, understanding the effects that natural light has on your plants can be quite challenging, this is where timing comes in.

When placed in your grow tent, whether the incoming light is natural or from a grow light, digital timers can help inform you of the level of light your plants are receiving. Note that this can vary through the vegetative stage and the flowering stage, as such, tweaking the timing levels to suit your plant’s needs will be required.

Grow Glasses for Safety

ultraviolet lights marijuana growing

Whether growing cannabis in your bedroom or basement, grow glasses are essential for your personal safety. Because your plant will rely on grow lights from time to time and because you will need to pay maximum attention to the effects of these lights, you will be frequenting your basement ever so often.

If you’re using ultraviolet lights, which is one of the most popular grow lights, the effects of the light rays can cause irritation and redness to your eyes. Because you will need to carefully inspect your plants, you may go very close to the grow lights. Using growing glasses is the best way to protect your eyes from damage.

Pollen Extractor Machine

Cannabis pollen has become an increasingly popular product in recent years and more and more growers are beginning to collect this precious product of the plant. However, pollen is sensitive and is only viable for 2-3 days under natural conditions.

That’s why you need to have the right equipment to do everything right and get a high-quality product.

Pollen is collected from male plants and it is very important to determine the right time for this. It should be started just before the pollen sacs open. It is best to take the whole male plant and then shake it through a fine sieve, over parchment paper.

With the right equipment, this process doesn’t have to be complicated. It is best to get a pollen extractor. They are fast, powerful, and economical devices that help home growers extract pollen from their plants in the best way.

After you have collected the pollen, spread the pollen with a dry brush and let it dry for two days. It is best that the temperature in the room is between 18 and 24°C, and the air humidity is 30-60%.

A Fire Extinguisher

Growing cannabis in your basement can come with all sorts of downsides. Inflammation is one amongst many others. Grow light intensity can sometimes lead to fire casualties and cause damage to not only your plants but to your entire basement as well. Keeping a fire extinguisher around in case of any electrical malfunction will always come in handy. If you want to increase the level of humidity in your plants by upgrading your electrical panel, keep in mind that you will have to monitor it as often as possible. Usually, LED lights with 200 watts are sufficient for a minimum of four plants.


Basements are built in different shapes, sizes, and proportions. It is important to first understand the factors that affect your basement and familiarize yourself with this process long before you even begin to consider planting.

Note that the size of your basement will also play a significant role in how much cannabis you can and should grow. The size of your basement will determine how much spacing you can get, how much the temperature, light, and heat will affect your plant, which will, in turn, determine how much you can plant and how much you can expect to get back. Also, make sure to inspect plants individually to know when and where you might need to change or improve your growth medium.

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