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How To Grow Weed Hydroponically?



When I first decided to grow cannabis, I thought of doing it outdoors. But never in my life, have I thought of going for the hydroponic system in my home.

Trust me, and I had no idea what exactly was this hydroponic system. When I did get to know what it is, I would say I made the right choice.

The word “HYDROPONIC” comes from the Latin language, which translates to “water working.” Through this method, you will get the chance to grow cannabis in a bath or flow of water, which is highly oxygenated and enriched with nutrients.

Remember one thing; when you grow weed through this technique, there will be no presence of soil. The plants will grow within an inert and sterile growing medium.

All the essential nutrients, which are compulsory for the plant’s growth, will get mixed with the solution in the water.

Growing your cannabis plants hydroponically will give you the chance to provide air, nutrients, and water through the mediums to help them grow. Since there will be no need for any additional energy to absorb the nutrients or massive root webs, your plants will snowball.

But wait, how to grow weed through the process in the first place? As you know, getting an idea of the process is important.

Well, for that, I existed!!

I will provide you with a valuable and effective way to grow marijuana hydroponically.

So, let’s get started then? Cool!


Growing Marijuana Through The Hydroponic System

After doing a lot of research [I spend 4 hours doing the research, show some respect, will you?] I came across some of the most interesting techniques.

These techniques can surely help you grow your weed hydroponically. If you are interested in what these methods are, please check the information below!

1. The Stonewool Drain-To-Waste Method

Through this particular method, the plants will sit on grow tables or benches within stone wool slabs or cubes that you will find in many sizes and shapes. Here, all the plants receive the nutrient solution, and the runoff also drains away efficiently.

I believe that this particular hydroponic system is the best and the easiest way to grow your weeds. It also stands out as an excellent replacement for soil. Trust me, I know!

But why it’s considered the best? Individuals who purchase their cannabis seeds from also use this method and have claimed it is not like the recirculating hydroponics system.

In other words, even though it’s a drain-to-waste system, it’s more like a soil growing method and also the easiest one. The growing properties are the same, and you are free to check out the pH and PPM accordingly within your tank and then feed it to the plants.

But the best part is, you don’t have to maintain the pH levels because they will not fluctuate like they usually do within the advanced hydroponics method. It’s because the nutrients will not once recirculate during the whole growing process.

I just want to remind you one thing, that this particular growing technique will require a much high plant, well, let’s say, around 32 [I used 30 though] for every 4×8 foot growing table.

Due to the high plant count, the method is ideal for licensed producers, ACMR license holders, and micro-cultivators.

2. NFT or Nutrient Film Technique

This technique is BOMB!! I used this method to grow weed for the 2nd time!

The NFT or Nutrient Film Technique will allow you to grow weed through seal buckets or pipes. The nutrient solution will fall over the root base and return towards the main controller bucket within a 24-hour cycle.

Using this method will require you to adjust the [probably 1 to 4 times regularly] pH levels of the nutrient solution. Doing so will allow you to keep it within the range you desire during the recirculation process.

After using this technique, I learned that the roots of the cannabis plant would snowball when compared with stone wool.

It also stands out as an excellent start for stadiums or low-count plants. The ACMR licensed holders will also benefit significantly through this technique to set up a hydroponics system at a low cost.

NFT is one of the best steps within recirculating hydroponics and will be versatile in how all the systems, such as hydroton rock, pipes, containers, etc., are built.

Another thing I would like to share about this method is that the system is pretty diverse. Yeah, it’s true!

It’s also the first-ever recorded hydroponic setup created by the Ancient Babylonians at the “Hanging Gardens of Babylon.”


Tips To Follow When Growing Weed Hydroponically

Okay, so I have already provided you with some of the techniques/methods you can use to grow your cannabis.

But I would also like to share view tips when growing cannabis through the Hydronics system. Trust me, follow these tips. It will be worth it! I am telling you from my own experience.

I have discussed some of the useful tips here. Hopefully, these would help you maintain the temperature properly and grow weed perfectly.

1. Take A Look At The Temperature

The water that will flow through the system will be 65 Fahrenheit, which is 18 Celsius. This will help in facilitating excellent nutrient absorption and also prevent algae from building up. Try to keep the air temperature warmer. If you can, keep the room temperature at 75 Fahrenheit, which is 24 Celsius. When you keep this temperature, your cannabis plants will be quite content.

2. Maintain The Humidity Level

Marijuana plants will do exceptionally well during different humidity levels based on their development stage. When your “children” are young, the humidity levels should be between 60% to 70%. But once they reach the development stage and move towards the blooming phase, they will require 40% humidity. You can achieve this instantly when you utilize the dehumidifier and humidifier accordingly.

Make Sure To Attain Proper Lighting

If you are an experienced grower, you are well aware that numerous types of grow lights are available in the market. But when it comes to choosing these grow lights, it will depend heavily on the type of space you have, your budget, and the distance between the lights and your weed.

1. High-Intensity Lights: Take my advice and go for the HID or High-Intensity Lights. I use them for my growing my weeds, and you will love them.

If you have a large grow room with excellent airflow, these lights will be a good choice for you. It will allow your plants to receive proper warmth and help them grow quickly and effectively.

2. CFL Lights: Another type of light you can use is the CFL or Compact Fluorescent Lights, and they are perfect for smaller grow rooms. On the other hand, the LED or Light Emitting Diode is also good for small growing areas, but they are pretty expensive than CFLs.

3. Light Production: No matter what type of lighting you choose for your weeds, make sure they produce light between 400 nanometers and 700 nanometers.

Also, an expensive and advanced light meter can also help you determine whether or not your grow lights are doing a good job.

Summing Up

The hydroponics method or technique is not that complicated. You just have to understand how exactly it’s done, and you are good to go. There are many ways you can grow your weed hydroponically, so make sure you choose a method that you think is easier for you.

Please go through the methods provided in this article, as it will surely help you grow your cannabis plant easily and effectively.

Oh yeah! Don’t forget the tips I provided, and they will be a great help based on my experience.

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