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5 Cannabis Strains That Help You to Focus on Work and Increase Efficiency While Working Remotely



Those who work from home report on being less productive than they wished they could have been. Wired Magazine has found that in accordance with a recent study, office workers are 50% more productive than people who work from home. So, it seems, fair enough to claim that those who work from home require a boost of focus and efficiency. If coffee is no longer an option for you and especially for your cardiovascular system, we have come with a list of five cannabis strains that will help you focus on your work and increase your efficiency while you are working at home.

How Marijuana Affects Concentration and Brain Functioning: Advantages and Disadvantages

Before taking to the discussion of the best weed strains for focus, there is surely a need to talk about the way cannabis affects your mind when it comes to creativity. We will focus on the pivotal effects, but you can read more about the different effects of different strains on AskGrowers. So, let’s cut to the chase. Those who have already paid their first regards to cannabis do, probably, know that there are two types of cannabinoids that are responsible for impacting a human’s cerebral functioning.

We are talking about CBD and THC. Thus, when the levels of CBD cannabinoids and terpenes rise, they boost the level of THC, which is responsible for enhancing the brain’s activity. It all happens within the first five minutes of consuming the breed. Then, as time passes by, three pivotal sub-types of cannabinoids start kicking in, so the process of concentration and creativity boost could be finalized.

Those are pinene, which promotes alertness, limonene that boosts your energy, and terpinolene, which finally relaxes your mind. This is exactly the way that cannabis can help you improve your productivity and make more creative decisions while working from home. Your mind gets relaxed, it gets clear from any distractions, and them your attention rises, thus turning you into a perfect employee who can swiftly focus and process his or her tasks.

You might find it awkward, but there are no disadvantages involved but for the feeling of dry mouth and dry eyes which accompany any stance of cannabis consumption. So, the choice is yours, but before you make it, lets us advise you on the five strains of cannabis that will surely enhance your concentration.

Below is the list of 5 Strains of Marijuana that increase concentration

1. Oregon Silver Haze


If you are looking for weed strains for creativity, this is the one, my friend. This strain is all about supplying you with energy without any jittery side-effects. It is a Sativa-dominant hybrid that evolved as a result of crossing the Northern Lights and Haze strains. It will give you an immediate boost of energy and attention that is pretty razor-sharp. The THC content of up to 28.80% is surely something that will have the most devoted couch potato up and running on tasks. By the way, it tastes amazing as it represents the blend of a classic kush and mellow citrus grass.

2. Green Crack


If you go to bed knowing that you have to wake up early the next day and get straight to work, the Green Crack strain blunt is exactly what you have to keep right next to your bed. This strain is a perfect wain of sliding into the day of work without any escalating pressure. Its Sativa content is pretty abundant and saturated, and its THC rate is more than 22%. The strain’s pivotal effect is the simulation of alertness without panic, which is surely the thing that you need to stay productive and focused. This cannabis breed will increase your energy and mental functioning. However, it is potent, so make sure to use it wisely and do not overdose.

3. Maui Wowie


This is the type of a Sativa that you need when you are about to hit work real hard. It has a long-lasting effect on concentration and mental upheaval. The THC rate rises up to 28.14%, which means that it takes proper care of your mind when you need it at its best. Its tropical taste will soothe the potent effect, but make sure that you use it wisely. You will not need much of it to get you going.

4. Blue Magoo


Despite being known as one of the best anesthetic and painkillers among the breeds of medical cannabis, Blue Magoo is also an incredible helper when it comes to boosting your productivity. What makes it special is a moderate dose of THC, which stops at the point of 16%. Thus, the breed will have a long-lasting and pleasing effect that will help you relax and focus on the things that you really need to pay your attention to.

5. White Buffalo

White Buffalo

Those who are not new to the world of medical cannabis might find it awkward to meet this strain on this list, saying that White Buffalo’s pivotal effect is euphoria. Well, that is right, but it should also be mentioned that White Buffalo has one of the lowest CBD concentrations and almost a 25% rate of THC. This is surely a sign that tells a lot about how helpful it might be when it comes to dealing with one’s professional endeavors.

6. The Girl Scout Cookies

Girl Scout Cookies effects

A surprise for everyone who has read to this place, we will tell you in full detail about another great strain that helps creativity. We have even prepared a video review for you! This is well-known to all The Girl Scout Cookies strain.

How to Use Marijuana Properly to Increase Attention and Brain Performance

When it comes to talking about the right way to use marijuana in order to increase your attention and brain performance, there are no big secrets to hide. Everything seems to be crystal clear. You just have to choose the strain that fits you the best. If you ask how to do it if you, for example, have never tried cannabis, the answer to this question is even simpler. Just describe the effect that you want to achieve to the dispensary that you are buying from.

Here’s a little tip for you: lean for Sativa because Sativas are the strains that are meant to boost one’s mental activity while Indica helps you relax rather than keeping you upbeat. Also, make sure that you buy only from licensed and legal dispensaries. Furthermore, always consume weed responsibly, and if you do it for concentration, do it while you are working at home. Do not try to perform any actions, such as driving under influence, that might hinder the safety of other people. Stick to those rules, and you should well off to the brilliant result in your work.


It has already been mentioned that the quarantine is surely trying to take the better of us. However, humanity has evolved, and there is no chance that this virus is winning the battle against us. Consuming cannabis for creativity will not stop the pandemic, but it will surely help you deal with your work while being locked down at home. So, pick the strain that fits you, blow it up, and get all hands on deck because work does not wait.

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