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Purple Punch Cannabis Strain Review



If you are a fan of purple and fruity strains, then Purple Punch strain is the one for you.

The Purple Punch is a cross between Grand Daddy Purple and Larry OG. Grand Daddy Purple was actually created by Ken Estes a famous breeder who wanted to create a perfect hybrid with medical relaxation properties. The Larry OG, on the other hand, is a cross between SFV OG and OG Kush.

So what we get is a nice Kush hybrid strain mixed with that Indica relaxation. Purple Punch is definitely a strain for the evening time. It is supposed to relax you and might make you a bit sleepy.

Purple punch plant

The Appearance of the Purple Punch

Looking at the nugs, the Purple Punch strain has got classic cannabis to look to it. Based on the bud structure it is definitely leaning towards the Indica side. There are docks of leaves on the bud and they are of nice color. And you can also see some nice yellow and orange pistols there as well.

There is also some lighter trichrome coverage. It does have a reasonable amount of substance to it but it is not a dense bud by any means whatsoever. It is dense but there is still a little bit of air there in it.

There are many differences in color which indicates that it has perhaps been grown organically. Actually, the Purple Punch buds are very individual looking and all of them have got their own composure to them. There are some docks of leaves left covered in trichomes and it is perhaps not the tidiest bud opposed to some other cannabis strains but it is looking like a nicely developed piece of bud.

If we break open the bud of the Purple Punch strain we notice bits of purple inside which are expected. They are found in the part where it starts to touch the stem as there are some nice trichrome laid parts that look absolutely delicious.

Purple punch strain bud

How Does it Smell?

The Purple Punch cannabis strain has got that great fruity smell to it. It is fruity, it is purple and it is there and it is in your face. You might say that there is a bit of gassiness coming from the OG side of the hybrid but just a bit. The Larry OG side is a bit lost when it comes to the smell and there is a lot more of the Grand Daddy Purple in there.

If we were to compare it to some other strain in terms of smell, the Purple MOAB is the closest one. The strain also reminds us of Tropic Heat weed, because of its fruity smell.

Breaking open the bud of Purple Punch strain we notice some pungency coming out. There is definitely pure skunkiness mixed in with the purple and the gas is actually there now. But the fruitiness and the smell of grape is absolutely dominant here and delicious.

What About the Taste of the Purple Punch Cannabis Strain?

Trying the Purple Punch weed strain through the bong we notice that it is a lovely smoke and a great piece of weed. On the exhale you will start to get those fruity notes and there is even the grape coming through. It is purple and slightly gassy and there is a bit of a jet fuel taste, but not too over apparent in that area.

You mainly taste this delicious fruity purple taste. The smoking experience is really nice and it really doesn’t make you cough.

The expression of the flavor through the bong is pretty strong, which you don’t get so much often. Actually, strains that are better grown and pured and even strains with more pinane and gassiness tend to come through with the flavor more when using the bong.

But with the vape, we always get a more nuanced expression of the flavor. The Purple Punch strain tastes really clean through the vape and you get those skunky notes and it is a little bit different through the vaporizer.

Even though this is an Indica strain, there are those grapefruity notes that come through.

Purple Punch cannabis strain review

Purple Punch Strain Effects

The Purple Punch strain hits you with an immediate sense of relaxation. There is a little bit of light sensitivity coming through as well. It is enhancing the feeling on your skin so you start becoming more aware of the things around you.

The Purple Punch is a strong Indica and is best consumed in the afternoon or evening times. The thing is that it is not messing up with your focus too much. You will be able to keep a clear vision of what you will be doing at the time.

It does sort of feel like it wants to sit you down in front of a TV or a PlayStation and make you play games all day long, which might end up with you falling asleep on the sofa.

To Sum Up

The Purple Punch cannabis strain is a good and fruity one. Very interesting in appearance but not a really good trim job. But really nice and fruity taste which is really nice. But defiantly a strain which will relax you and even make you fall asleep. We recommend trying it.

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