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Chronic Weed Strain Review




While the term “chronic weed” has been routinely used for years to describe high-quality marijuana, the Chronic cannabis strain is a living legend, and for good reasons. Considered a true classic strain of cannabis, Chronic has been popular since the mid-1990s. In this review, we’ll go over everything you need to know about Chronic so you learn why this strain is considered one of the all-time best.

Origin of the Chronic Strain

Dutch seed giant Serious Seeds first bred and grew the Chronic strain back in 1994. This potent strain of pot was developed by crossing a few powerhouse cannabis varieties: Northern Lights, AK-47, and Skunk No. 1. Skunky, hashy, and potent, Chronic is enjoyed by both people smoking recreationally and those looking for medicinal benefits due to its high THC levels.

Chronic Flavors & Aroma

Chronic is known for its hash-like taste. When taking a throat hit of Chronic, the smoker often feels a harshness and a peppery, spicy taste. During the exhale, Chronic tastes fruity, with a hint of floral sweetness that tends to linger on the palate after the toke. Smokers looking to keep their cannabis use discreet are advised to take some precautions because Chronic produces a noticeable pungent smoke.

Chronic Effects

Chronic Weed Strain Effects

Chronic’s euphoric high takes effect rapidly, giving smokers a boost of uplifting happiness. Chronic makes smokers feel happy, talkative, energetic, and giggly. The onset of these effects is virtually immediately after smoking and can be felt for up to six hours.

The Chronic strain opens the mind to free-thinking and thought enhancement. This is an excellent strain to smoke before undertaking mundane tasks like cleaning or doing chores because it provides an energy boost.

Chronic elevates the mood and enhances clarity in thought. It is a strain that can easily trigger a laughing fit or a quick trip to the store for food. Because of its sedative effect, Chronic is a good bedtime strain to smoke that encourages sleepiness. As its effects wear off, Chronic provides an easy wind-down that’s relaxing. This makes Chronic a good strain to use in social situations when chillin’ with friends.

Due to the fact that Chronic can trigger the need to eat, this strain is often used as medicinal cannabis. It does a great job of provoking hunger for those who’ve lost their appetite due to disease or medical treatments like chemotherapy. From a psychological perspective, Chronic is often used in the treatment of attention deficit disorder to improve concentration.

Unwanted Effects

In addition to these positive effects, Chronic also comes with a few disadvantages to some who smoke this strain. Chronic can lead to the dreaded ‘cotton mouth’ effect that causes the smoker to crave liquids. Chronic can also cause dryness of the eyes.

Some people who smoke Chronic report feeling paranoid, dizzy, and/or anxious. Because Chronic is high in THC and can cause paranoia, this strain isn’t ideal for people prone to panic attacks or those with a low THC tolerance.

It should be noted that even though this strain can cause unwanted effects like dizziness, paranoia, and anxiousness, those who experience these effects are in the minority. Most people report Chronic makes them feel more relaxed, happy, and giggly.

Chronic is a good strain to try if you’re looking for a mood booster. This strain’s effects work quickly, making it a great choice for those times you want to lift your spirit or boost your mood.

THC Level of Chronic

THC is the psychoactive compound found in cannabis that’s responsible for the high you feel when you smoke the weed. Cannabis strains that have been crossbred like Chronic, are called ‘high-THC hybrid strains’. Chronic is high in THC with levels ranging from 12 to 22 percent and even higher.

As a high-THC strain, Chronic has been found useful in helping:

  • Reduce nausea
  • Relieve the effects of depression
  • Ease anxiety
  • Decrease pain
  • Improve muscle control problems

Growing Chronic

Growing Chronic Cannabis From Seed

If you’re interested in growing Chronic because you’ve enjoyed it when you’ve read so far, we’ve got some good news for you. Because of its immense popularity, it’s very easy to find Chronic seeds to buy online.

It doesn’t matter if you’re planning on growing Chronic indoors or outside; this strain thrives in both environments. However, if you plan on growing Chronic indoors, the seeds require a semi-humid climate with daytime temperatures between 72 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit.

Once the Chronic seeds have been planted, the plant grows rapidly. This strain flowers within 9 to 10 weeks when grown under optimal conditions. Chronic doesn’t require topping or pruning to get a great yield, making it one of the easiest strains to grow.

Chronic typically produces high yields. The plants are medium to tall at full growth and produce full-bodied ample buds. The typical Chronic yield from the harvest of a single central bud is 350 grams. However, it’s not unusual to yield 600 grams when Chronic has been grown under optimal conditions.

Just like Chronic’s pungent smoke, the growing plant can smell strongly as well. It gives off a skunky odor that’s very easily detected. This is why indoor growers who want to keep their cannabis cultivation under the radar need to take a few odor control measures. Exhaust fans or carbon air filters in grow rooms do great in controlling Chronic’s strong odor.

Conclusion: Chronic is a connoisseur-level cannabis strain. This is a potent strain of weed that produces a pleasant, fast-acting, euphoric high. Chronic seeds originate from one of the world’s best seed producers, Serious Seeds. This company is well-known for breeding premium cannabis strains.

If you’re looking for some amazing cannabis that’s fun to smoke and easy to grow, you simply can’t go wrong when you choose Chronic. It’s a wildly popular strain that gets rave reviews from smokers and growers alike!

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