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Chocolate Starfish Cannabis Strain Review




Here’s the review of the Chocolate Starfish cannabis strain delivered to us by HighPants Genetics.

This strain combines Karma OG #1 with Chocolate Mountain. The Chocolate Mountian strain is an unreleased Sonic Seed strain. This is pheno 3 so there are other phenotypes of this strain. But it is great that there is another example of a strain bred and grown by a UK breeder.

If you are wondering, Chocolate Mountain is Chocolope crossed with Shimla, also released by Sonic Seeds.

We believe that this is a Sativa-dominant hybrid. Its parents are on the Sativa dominant hybrid side themselves so it sounds logical for it to be as well.

The Appearance of Chocolate Weed Cannabis Strain

Looking at the nugs of the Chocolate Starfish cannabis strain we see a lot of colorations here. There are light green colors with vibrant orange pistols that are simply pumping through the buds. It is not the densest nugget that you will see they are quite light and airy. But the general look of the Chocolate Starfish buds is really nice.

They are all individually shaped and it does look that they have been grown nicely. The pistols are also very much apparent and it is not the tightest nug. The trim job is good and we get a generally moderate appearance.

It is not the dankest looking bud and you are probably not going to lose your breath overlooking at it, but it does not look bad.

The complexity is also pretty nice. It is good and faded with a lot of trichrome coverage seen on the bud as well. But the pistols are definitely out in full force. You see the bright vibrant orange.

It is quite dry and not overly sticky and it is a nice looking bit of bud.


The Smell of the Chocolate Starfish Strain

When smelling the Chocolate Starfish cannabis strain you definitely feel the chocolate coming through and the sweetness as well almost like a haze. You definitely smell a chocolate note which is coming from the Chocolope but it is like a haze not really direct or apparent so much. It is like a sweet, Amsterdam-reminding, hazy Sativa.

But besides the chocolate, there is also some citrus and a bit of pine. It is definitely a really nice smelling piece of bud and you feel it instantly coming from the jar.

Now when we crack the bud of the Chocolate Starfish it smells like five percent like skunk. The skunky pungency just comes out as soon as you open it. But it is almost completely masked with all the sweet notes and the chocolate sweetness.

It will remind you of the sweet sharpness of Amnesia that you get from that strain and there is a similar note of it coming here. It is not prevalent but it is one of the smells that you get.

But the smell is definitely a real strong point for the Chocolate Starfish strain.

The Taste of the Chocolate Starfish Cannabis Strain

Trying the Chocolate Starfish cannabis strain through the bong you first get the chocolaty taste that you would expect. It is a Sativa-dominant hybrid so you get that hazy sweetness. Not the strongest taste through the bong. The taste is not translating so much from the smell which was super potent. The flavor was nice using the bong, but not overtly apparent.

Interestingly enough, when you try the Chocolate Starfish through the vape you get a reminiscence of the Ghost Flavor Haze.

Through the vape the hit is clean and it is a wonderful tasting cannabis strain. The turp comes more through the vape and less with the bong.


What are the Effects of the Chocolate Starfish Weed Strain?

The effects of the Chocolate Starfish strain are going to kick in after a few good minutes. The effects are definitely on the Sativa side of the strain. There is still a lot of Indica-entity that comes with its parents as this is a hybrid strain of course. So you get both ends of the spectrum.

How is that manifesting? Happiness! Uplift! And even a kind of an energy lift.

The Chocolate Starfish will leave you feeling inspired as well so it is a good daytime strain.

It is not the strongest cannabis strain that you will try but the body will start to feel nice. You get that familiar relaxation washing over you and you will feel it in your legs soon. The effects start from within and make their way to the extremities but this is something that mostly depends on the strain.

The smoking experience is nice but it is hitting it a bit towards the hot side. It might give you the need to cough just a little bit. But the flavor is absolutely delicious here and gets more apparent as you some it.

The Sativa effects of the hybrid will make you feel it in your body but also in the mind and it generally looks good.

To Summarize

The Chocolate Starfish by Dr. HighPants Genetics gives a really nice experience. The flavor is the most apparent and probably the best part but the smell does not give it away so much. As far as the quality of the smoke goes it could be better but once you start feeling the effects kicking in you won’t mind it at all.

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