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Holy Grail Kush Cannabis Strain Review



Today we are going to review the Holy Grail Kush cannabis strain and we can tell you immediately that it is a serious bit of weed.

It is an Indica-dominant strain and is very piney and strong. But tasty as many people who have tried it have already said. To tell you the truth, not for lightweights.

The Holy Grail Kush is a mix of OG Kush and Kosher Kush and you can notice that based on the smell as it has a very familiar fragrance to the Kosher Kush strain.

As always, we are going to talk about the smell, the taste, and the effects so let’s delve into our Holy Grail Kush cannabis review in more detail.

How does the Holy Grail Kosher Cannabis Strain Smell?

The Holy Grail Kush cannabis strain actually smells really similar to the Kosher Kush. Actually, the smell is quite strong and nice and it immediately hits you as you open up the container.

It has to simply be one of the best smells on the planet, cannabis aside. You can wear it as cologne if such a thing existed. Although you might not want to as there would be a high chance that you might be stopped by the police.

The smell is really piney and nice and smacks you on the nostrils right off the back.

Once you break it in half, you get a bit more of that wonderful smell and it is absolutely exquisite. The smell is actually what will introduce you to the things to come.

The Appearance of the Bud in a Bit More Detail

Holy Grail Kush Cannabis Strain appearance

The Holy Grail Kush cannabis strain but looks really nice and they have done a very good job trimming it. The nugget of 3g that you get looks really beautiful and you can tell that they have been really dedicated when preparing it.

Besides that, you can notice that the bud is completely covered in crystals while the surrounding orange hairs are not that apparent. Actually, everything is wrapped around quite nicely and it does look like an expensive type of a bud. It does not look at all cheap based on appearance alone.

The quality of the buds and the smell itself show us that it has been cured properly that Holy Grail Kush does come with a good trim job.

Holy Grail Kush Flavor

Holy Grail Kush flavor

As always, in order to really feel the taste and the effects of the Holy Grail Kush cannabis strain, it has to be taken first thing in the morning. And a proper grind is also important to really allow the flavor to sink in.

Also, make sure that you are using a bong as it is the best way to really feel the taste of the Holy Grail. Actually, it is so flavorful that after taking the first hit you can feel the taste in your mouth for such a long time.

The Holy Grail Kush is actually quite smooth even though it is a bit intense. It might make you cough, however, it shouldn’t. But don’t worry if it makes your eyes water a bit as the intense flavor may make you do that.

How Good Are the Effects?

Holy Grail Kush effects

The effects of the Holy Grail Kush strain actually kick in pretty fast. You will definitively feel high, but really good at the same time. The Indica-dominant sort of feeling is what will get you.

You will no doubt feel some elation, happiness, but also a bit of creativity shining through.

The Holy Grail Kush will relax you and chill you out but will not numb you out. You will be more than capable to continue on with your day but with a big smile on your face.

To Conclude

All in all, the Holy Grail Kush cannabis strain is certainly one of the better ones tried in recent times. Mind you, it is a bit more expensive but it is well worth the money invested in it.

The quality of the trim and the way the bud has been cured is more than enough to get you excited. The smell is its best part, at least until you start feeling the effects kicking it.

The Holy Grail Kush comes highly recommended as it will also allow you to feel comfortable and not numbed out as you will be completely capable and motivated to do your business throughout the day.

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