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Is It Legal to Buy Cannabis Seeds Online?




Buying cannabis seeds online and growing cannabis is not the same thing at all. The legalities of obtaining cannabis seeds are very much different than anything else. Actually it can be a bit confusing as many countries have different rules for it.

In some countries, you will find that the use, possession, and cultivation of marijuana are acceptable. Others have a total ban and even propose strict and very harsh penalties like jail time. But the truth is that a lot of countries have already legalized the use or are doing their best to legalize it.

When it comes to purchasing seeds, if you are not planning to grow them, so meaning that you are purchasing them as a collector’s item, it is legal.

How Actually are Cannabis Seeds Legal?

Back in 1962, during the Convention of Narcotic Drugs, members of 180 counties signed global legislation that deems cannabis as an illicit substance. However, it does not say the same for the seeds. Cannabis is considered a drug, while the seeds are not. Technically, the seeds themselves do not cause any effects on a person.

So since cannabis seeds are neither a weed nor a drug, it is legal to buy and possess them. However, if you plan to grow them and turn them into weed, this is where the story becomes complicated. So if you possess seeds it is very much okay, but if you cannot prove that you are planning to grow them, it becomes a problem.

So you can see how ambiguous the legality of cannabis seeds is.

The legality of Cannabis Seeds by Country

So after the 1962 treaty, many countries have devised their own rules and regulations when it comes to buying marijuana seeds. So if you are planning on buying some seeds in certain countries, it is strongly recommended that you check the legislation and general rules about it.

Generally speaking, in Europe, it is legal to buy and sell small quantities of seeds online. But selling larger amounts or buying in bulk is definitely not a good idea. It raises the suspicion of one planning to plant and breed cannabis weed on a large scale. A greater misunderstanding continues with the fact that it is not completely clear how a small amount and how a large number of seeds are defined.

Cannabis Seeds in the US

The situation in the USA is very much conflicting. Most states allow the use of medical marijuana while there is a lot that accepts recreational use as well. But when it comes to seed, on a federal level, it is viewed as not legal. This also refers to the states where the growth of marijuana is perfectly legal.

Buying large amounts of seed is not allowed. But still, growers in the US still find ways of getting seeds and most of them imprint them from Europe. This is due to the fact the there is a lot of diversity that way and better options are offered.

Cannabis Seeds in the UK

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People in the UK can freely buy cannabis seeds within the county and also safely import them from anywhere else. Buying and owning Marijuana seeds is perfectly legal in the UK, as long as you don’t use them to grow cannabis. On some popular UK websites that sell seeds, such as, it is clearly stated that their seeds are sold with the understanding that the buyer is going to them for collection purposes.

This is mainly because of the fact that growing marijuana in the UK is still illegal. So you can easily obtain the seeds anywhere you want it, whether it is from a shop or online, but planning to grow them will get you a whole lot of trouble.

Cannabis Seeds in Canada

Residents of Canada actually have more rights than other people in the rest of the world. In fact, the government of Canada made it completely legal to grow marijuana, but only four plants per household. But the catch still remains that you can only buy the seeds from a legitimate domestic source. Also, the legality about home growing differs from province to province.

The only bad news for Canadian growers is that there are not many legitimate sources where to obtain seeds. So since selling points for marijuana seeds is limited, most growers decide to opt for getting them from outside sources.

How to Safely Buy Cannabis Seeds Online?

It is not easy to trust online sources no matter the things you read. There are still a lot of scams and unreliable shops that sell marijuana seeds. So you have to be careful and consider a few factors before you buy cannabis seeds online.

  • Check the legislation in the country
  • Buy from European seedbanks
  • Specifically order small amounts
  • Divide orders
  • Opt for a payment method that is discrete
  • Use a different name and e-mail address
  • Use a different shipping address
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