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How to Get MSNL Free Seeds




Today, it’s possible to purchase marijuana seeds online from some of the world’s best seed banks. It’s not uncommon to find coupon codes, discount seeds, and other promos on these websites. MSNL is a UK-based seed bank that not only offers coupon codes but it also gives free cannabis seeds. Continue reading to find out what you need to do in order to get yourself some free MSNL seeds.

Place an Order at MSNL

The team at MSNL rewards its customers’ loyalty by giving them some of the best quality seeds free. Here’s a breakdown of how the free seed offer works at MSNL.

  • For every order you place on MSNL, you will receive a minimum of 5 free regular seeds, excluding shipping.
  • When you spend over £55GBP which is approximately $77.55 you will get 3 free feminized seeds, excluding shipping.
  • When you spend over £100 GBP which is approximately $141.00, you will get 5 feminized and 5 regular seeds free, excluding shipping.

The free seed offer at MSNL is based on the freshness of the seeds it offers at no charge. Because this seed bank wants to only give you the freshest seeds, the free cannabis seed promotion changes regularly. For example, at the time of this writing, the free seed offer at MSNL is for a Dutch strain of seeds. But the next free seed promotion will likely include a completely different seed strain.

browse msnl to get free marijuana seeds

Visit MSNL website and get free seeds!

Pick Your Seeds, Place an Order & Wait for Your FREE MSNL Seeds

To take advantage of this great offer at MSNL, simply browse through the website and choose a seed strain you’d like to purchase. Then simply complete the checkout process, pay for your seeds, and wait for your order to arrive. When your package comes, it will include the seeds you chose and paid for, plus the additional free seeds.

Consider Your Budget when Browsing Through Seeds

Remember that if you spend over £100 GBP or about $141.00, you’ll get 10 free seeds instead of 5. Of course, it’s up to you how much you spend at MSNL. However, if your budget allows, it would be to your advantage to purchase more than £100 GBP worth of seeds so you can get 10 seeds.

If you’re on a tight budget, look for more affordable seed strains to buy at MSNL. This seed bank’s website has a budget feminized marijuana seed pack on offer. This budget pack gives you the chance to purchase 3 high-quality strains with different genetics for a great, budget-friendly price.

Regardless of your budget, be sure to take the time needed to explore the wide variety of seed choices on MSNL. Consider the type of marijuana plant you want to grow and other factors that are important to you like THC content, grow times, etc.

Wrap-Up: Now that you know you can get MSNL free seeds, it’s up to you to get busy! Maybe you plan on buying some budget seeds at MSNL in order to get 5 free seeds. Perhaps you’ve decided to spend more money so you can get 10 free seeds.

Whatever method you choose, you’ll surely end your quest for free seeds with a big smile on your face! Good luck and enjoy growing your free seeds!

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