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Blue Dream Cannabis Strain Review: Effects, Appearance, Flavor



So today we are going to be taking a look at the Blue Dream cannabis strain. It is a wonderful strain and we are going to cover the smell, the appearance, the taste. The effects of the Blue Dream will be covered as well.

You should understand that there are different Blue Dream strain varieties as there is an Indica Blue Dream variety out there as well but the one that we are talking about here is the Sativa dominant type.

First, let’s look at the bud in more detail.

Blue Dream is a Sativa-dominant hybrid cannabis strain that apparently originated in California. It’s said that it is a crossing between a Blueberry curl and a Sativa Haze. It balances full-body relaxation with cerebral head high and apparently has the ability to ease you into a calm euphoria.

Blue Dream cannabis strain

Blue Dream strain

Blue Dream Strain Appearance

If we take a look at this particular variety of Blue Dream strain we can see that the trim is done incredibly well. There aren’t too many bits of leaves popping off that need to be removed. The green on the Blue Dream is actually pretty light compared to some other cannabis strains. It is so light in fact that the green hue in a way blends with the orange hairs and makes them only distinguishable when being looked at through a microscope.

A bit closer look reveals that the crystals give everything a white-wash appearance, meaning that it is a really potent looking strain based on the looks alone.

It’s been grown really well and in terms of the actual bud structure, it’s nice and dense. It is crisp and dry but there’s a little bit of gib in the bud but not too much and it’s not sticky which suggests that it has been dried really well.


How Does it Smell?

The smell of the Blue Dream strain is actually really interesting. Actually, what we are getting is the smell of Blueberry, sweetness, and berry.

Even without breaking it open you can notice that it already has a really sweet smell. It actually smells similar to Glue Dream, which is Blue Dream crossed with Gorilla Glue. You get the pinene coming through but not in a really gassy way. It’s quite a smooth pinene sort of smell.

The two terpenes that are most present in the Blue Dream phenotypes are a bit of myrcene and pinene, so it’s perhaps the reason why it smells particularly sweet and like berries.

Once we crack it open we immediately see that this is something special that really gives you goosebumps.

Whatever it is that makes buds have that extra level of specialness, this one definitely has it. It is so rich and so sweet and so… well, apparent once you break open the bud there is almost nothing else like it. It is almost as good as the Blue Kush and Kosher Dawg that have that little edge to the smell and this one has got it.

Simply powerful in a very, very, very good way!

Let’s Discuss the Flavor

In order to really feel the flavor of the Blue Dream cannabis strain, it is best to prepare it with a grinder. Also, it is better to have it on a clear head first thing in the morning to really feel the effects.

This strain is actually a favorite in the States, for good reasons, and it is understandable why.

Upon taking a bong of the Blue Dream you immediately notice that it is quite intense.

The Blue Dream is a little bit smoother on the inhale than you would expect it to be. You would probably expect a smooth hit based on the taste and smell. But it’s not completely smooth, it’s still lovely it just gets you a little bit on the two-thirds on the way in and you might feel a need to cough.

On the first try, make sure to push it through. Stop for a second, gather your breath, breathe in the smell a little bit and then continue.

You might not still feel the hit on the first go. The flavor can be much more apparent in the main hit as opposed to the second supplementary hit. But because it can be so expansive in your lungs you might feel the need to cough as a result. Because of that, you might not be able to enjoy the flavor to the fullest.

The Effects of Blue Dream Cannabis Strain

Effects of Blue Dream Cannabis Strain

The Blue Dream strain is a strong cannabis strain and the effects will hit you fast. As you can see on, the strain’s THC content is from 20% to 24%. Thanks to this, you will be able to feel the elation of the cerebral high as it starts to kick in while it puts a lovely smile on your face. You might notice a buzz of creativity rushing in as well.

So in terms of this strain and its use think the Blue Dream Strain can be good for people that need that kind of a lift and doing a big hit first thing in the morning can be quite a stomper.

You might also get a feeling of relaxation as well. If you are sitting down it will certainly make you feel the texture of the chair… no matter how weird that sounds.

This means that it will affect your senses and will enhance them. It actually does not sound good to use it as a pain relief as enhancing your senses in that state isn’t a good idea.

It’s not powerful in the same way as Holy Grail Kush or Skywalker OG which really does a number on you with those you might find it hard to continue your day from there.

Blue Dream strain does not have that effect. You will get a feeling that you can literally crack on with everything that you need to do for the day.

The Verdict

The Blue Dream strain is a perfect example of a creative cannabis strain because you can really feel it once you get a hit. The synapsis in your brain starts firing up and brings you to this kind of a mindset really quickly.

The Blue Dream cannabis strain might quickly become your favorite. Don’t hesitate to try it as it will more than likely offer a fabulous experience for you.

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